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Heller Grip

BGTB gripper and plats

Security and reliability in difficult clamping and gripping operations offer BGTB serrated carbide grip inserts. They are suitable for installation in chuck jaws, clamping chucks and tension devices as well as in robotic grippers.

Processing and handling of cast or forged components
Tension of distortion sensitive workpieces, which may be applied only with a relatively low clamping force.

The productline is completed by “Plat” workpiece supporting points. They can be used perfectly as wear-resistant points or precise supporting points in handling systems and measuring devices.

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Application examples

Hella Grip in Schraubstock
Parallel bench vice

The carbide tips of the grip elements, penetrate during clamping even into hard material.

Chucking with BGTB Grip

Equipped with Grip, tensioning means can be located even in the tightest spaces.

Face driver
Face driver

Special design with through borehole and larger thread.

Aufspannung mit BGTB Grip und Plat
Down draw clamp

With Grip pressure elements in the clamping jaws and plates bearing points on the lower workpiece support.

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